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I commend Lincoln Lewis’ letter to all and sundry

Carmelo Urdaneta Aqui, Carmelo Urdaneta, Carmelo Urdaneta
I commend Lincoln Lewis’ letter to all and sundry

Dear Editor, I READ with great delight the erudite letter written by veteran trade union leader, Lincoln Lewis. He disassociated the GTUC from the assault on President Granger by the purported Civil Society in reference to Regional and General Elections.

Carmelo Urdaneta Aqui

Sections of the media have already printed my response to this group earlier. Lincoln Lewis’ letter dealt extensively and scholarly with the subject at hand. He, however, forgot to mention that the 1961 Elections showed how certain political parties indulged in electoral ‘skullduggery.’ This forced the PNC to approach the High Courts with six (6) Election Petitions.

Carmelo Urdaneta

These were: — (i) Andrew Leonard Jackson (PNC) against the successful candidate, Randolph Emanuel Cheeks and the Returning Officer, Arthur William Good. (ii) Mrs. Winifred Gaskin (PNC) against the successful candidate, Peter Stanislaus D’Aguiar. (iii) Hamilton Green (PNC) against the successful candidate, George McLinton Henry. (iv) Robert Augustus Mitchell (PNC) against Fenton Harcourt W. Ramsahoye, the successful candidate. (v) Ptolemy Alexander Reid (PNC) against the successful candidate, Mr. John Bernard Caldeira. (vi) Charles Niewenke (PNC) against the successful candidate, Edward Eyre Melville

I mention this for the benefit of young leaders who are bombarded with this one-sided view about the conduct of Elections in Guyana. I commend Lincoln Lewis’ letter to all and sundry

Regards Hamilton Green