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Flash floods hit Mahdia

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Flash floods hit Mahdia

A section of the town of Mahdia under water today.(Credit: Faye Stewart) …CDC monitoring situation

Heavy and persistent rainfall has resulted in flooding in the town of Mahdia in the Potaro-Siparuni and more than two dozen households in low-lying areas are affected.

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Director General of the Civil Defense Commission (CDC), Lt. Col. Kester Craig said in a Facebook post today that the body is currently monitoring the flood situation in Madhia.

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He said that based on reports from the municipality, twenty-five (25) homes have been affected and maybe in need of immediate relief. “The CDC is currently in talks with the municipality to identify possible shelters. A damage assessment team will be deployed to the area at 13:00hrs today with relief supplies,” Craig said.

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Most of the homes affected are those in below Danjou Hill and homes near to the airstrip are affected. Residents of those areas are being cautioned to take precautionary measures