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Qualishore partners with homes for children to provide back-to-school needs

Qualishore partners with homes for children to provide back-to-school needs

Preparing for the new school year is often an exciting time for students. For many, it is fun going back-to-school shopping with mommy or daddy: choosing the new pair of shoes and other items of uniform and picking out a brand-new school bag.

These simple pleasures are blessings that are sometimes overlooked by those who can afford it. Sadly, for many Grenadian children returning to school each year, the experience is far less exciting. Back-to-school shopping must be carefully budgeted in a home for multiple children; perhaps the children who are most affected by this reality are the residents of Grenada’s homes for children. Thankfully, there are many Grenadian citizens and organisations that are mindful of these children and their needs. One such organisation is Qualishore Inc – a local Business Process Outsourcing Service provider.

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Dr Kaydeonne Ellis (co-founder of Qualishore Inc), presenting boxes of school bags to Debra Bailey-Hagley, representative of the Queen Elizabeth Home for Children Founded and managed by Grenadians, Qualishore partnered with three of the island’s homes for children and adolescents to help provide back-to-school aids for the residents. Last year, the company delivered boxes of notebooks, pens, pencils, and erasers to the Father Mallaghan Home for Boys, the Bel Air Home for Children and Adolescents, and the Queen Elizabeth Home for Children. This year, in addition to providing these necessities, Qualishore partnered with the homes to provide more specific needs – such as uniform shirts and underclothing for boys and girls, as well as a stylish array of school bags.

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Though the company is only 5 years old, Qualishore aims to continue supporting Grenadian youth through encouraging and facilitating academic and vocational progress. Qualishore’s outreach team consists of several vibrant and zealous young people. These volunteers are excited to be involved in giving back to the community. Through further building these partnerships, the team seeks to learn more ways in which Qualishore can provide for the more vulnerable citizens within our population